So Local Pasco Podcast, Thursday, January 7th, 2016…Inspire Foundation Edition

I am so lucky.  Every day, I get to seek out and talk to people who are concerned, and are working to make our community better.  It has changed my attitude.  I recommend at least PART of what I do, to each of you: Seek out the better news, and the positive people.  You know, I live on the internet.  I see negative stuff, everyday, and sometimes it does get me down.  I started doing this, in part, to combat the deluge of dark news.  Someone will post in a group, “Hey!  I am moving to Pasco…What is there to see and do?”  They then get hammered with twenty to fifty posts of folks just UNLOADING about how bad things are, here.

Listen:  If you have food on your table, a job, and a roof over your head, you have it better than about 75% of the population of the WORLD.  It’s not that bad.  One of the ways you can fight the feeling that it IS that bad, is to get out there and make a difference.

Today we interview a person making a direct difference…Jason Rhodes from the Inspire Foundation is here to tell us a little about their work, a setback they suffered, and what they need.  We’ll listen, and then we’ll dig around in the closet for those musical instruments, right?  Right.

inspire studios logo

Jason Rhodes
Jason Rhodes working with a student at Inspire Studios, one of the projects at the Inspire Foundation

Contact them today, and find out how you can help bring music therapy to special needs kids in our community!

Click Here to go to the Inspire Foundation website.

Oh, and…Just in case you did NOT believe I was a xylophone playing band kid:

Marauder Band
Your host, with the Deegan Rosewood xylophone he marched a thousand miles playing.

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