So Local Pasco Podcast, Monday, December 28th, 2015, Viewer Mail Edition

Hey, tomorrow will make four weeks of So Local Pasco podcasts!  Why, it seems like only weeks ago…

Old man with scruffy beard and cool room
Greg at the controls of the podcast production studio he calls “Spare Room Studios”…Photo was taken on December 2nd, 2015, date of our second podcast.

Very happy to be back with you, today.  I have that “not quite mentally back” thing, going on.  You know the feeling.  You could very easily just…forget to come back after lunch, and spend the afternoon at some park, feeding the ducks.  Maybe that’s just ME?

Today, we read viewer mail!  Some of which we didn’t even write ourselves!  This is the most exciting thing about this, for me.  As in radio, listeners almost never call to tell you that you sound great…But they WILL call when you sound like hell, or make a mistake.

We also want to re share information critical to holiday safety, from Monica at ASAP Pasco, the driving force behind #saferidepasco.  “Make a plan, work a plan”, as Macker used to say.  Click on the link in green, or the photo below to get a list of companies dedicated to getting you home SAFE on New Year’s Eve!

Go to Facebook. Enter #saferidepasco to learn more!
Go to Facebook. Enter #saferidepasco to learn more!

Feel free to leave a comment! Be nice, though, or the banhammer shall fall.