So Local Pasco Podcast, December 11th, 2015, HOLY CHRISTMAS Edition


Wrapping up our first FULL week of podcasts, today, and getting ready for a LOT of Christmas doings.  Plus, local music from old school chums, and information for those interested in learning more about podcasting.

It seems significant to me, today, that the editing tools I am using to write this keep telling me that “podcasting” is not a word…Or at least that it is not spelled correctly.  That’s because podcasting is sort  of a new thing.  I say “sort of”, because it isn’t a new thing to ME.  I mean, I have never MADE podcasts, before, but I have been aware of them now for about fifteen years.

As I am learning, MY knowledge of something, my awareness of it’s potential, doesn’t everyone ELSE knows about it.  So I sat down, today, and wrote a page of ‘primer’ information to help those that want to know more.  You can check it out, here at the Podcast Information Page…Just click the green text!

Here a couple of links to help you get more information about the events in today’s podcast…We hope you have a great weekend, and get out there and enjoy the spirit of our community!

Greater New Port Richey Main Street website
Get information about the Friendly Kia Christmas Village and the Holiday Rotary Christmas Parade.

Here is the event flyer from the Suncoast News:

Christmas Parade Information Flyer

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