So Local Pasco Podcast, December 9th, 2015, Live from the Park Edition

Podcast is longer, and slightly lower quality today.  Two reasons for that:  I recorded the podcast live at Veteran’s Park in Hudson, late on Tuesday afternoon…And it went LONG, so I had to reduce the sample rate to fit it under our 10mb limit.  Blah, blah tech jargon.

I caught my breath, and decided to let you in, a little, to my philosophy and plan for So Local Pasco.  I hope you’ll listen…REALLY listen, and take it to heart.  Don’t be afraid!  Call up!  Make a request!   Tell us a story!  Participate, I won’t hurt or embarrass you.

The idea, here, is to make something we can ALL utilize, and be proud of.  Your feedback is important, so PLEASE let us know how we are doing!


Feel free to leave a comment! Be nice, though, or the banhammer shall fall.